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new scoot!

ok, so those of you who are connected to me via facebook and twitter are probably already sick of hearing about my new scooter. but, whatever. you can skip this post if you like. i just gotta rave… so yeah. i bought a new scooter. it’s a 2010 honda elite 110. a 108cc, 8.9 horsepower, […]

it’s been a minute.

um, hello world. it’s been 7 months since i wrote here last. damn. that’s a long time! since then, all kinds of things have happened. i successfully recuperated from my hysterectomy, seemingly without any physical complication. i lost many of my dog-walking clients during my post-surgical downtime (6 weeks!), but then pretty quickly managed to […]

what a difference a week makes…

wow, it’s been a crazy busy week for wags by mags!, my new dog-walking and pet-sitting biz. and so far, it’s been all about the dogs. no cats, yet. i do hope that changes. cuz anyone who knows me knows i love cats. i am nothing if not a big human feline! (i am a […]

scooter girls

spring in new orleans was meant for scooter riding. and i’ve been doing a lot of it lately. i’m still time-sharing the car and the scooter with fae, but mostly i end up with the scooter, which suits me fine because i don’t really have the need to go further than the scooter can take […]