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past and present lives…

it’s been a really interesting weekend, y’all. a few weeks ago i was asked if i was interested in being interviewed by a filmmaker, drew denny, and jd samson (of le tigre/men fame) who were working on a documentary about the loss of lesbian bars and the evolution of lesbian/queer spaces around the country. i […]

love machine.

ok, this is just a quickie post to share this super fun new video from queer hip-hop duo god-dess & she. it’s the latest single from their current album three. i have long been a fan of theirs – in fact i wrote one of the first profiles on them for curve magazine a zillion […]

men + big freedia

yes, the irony is not lost on me that the biggest tag in my tag cloud is “men.” but well, by now you know that i’m talking about the awesome electronic band that contains jd samson (formerly of le tigre). if you read my blog frequently, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about them. […]


i’m talking about the band, men. the decidedly feminist, queer band, men. i love them. well, i love jd samson, previously known from her time in le tigre. currently known as a talented dj/remixer and girlfriend of sia. and, well, band leader of men. i don’t even know who the other two members are. (ok, […]