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past and present lives…

it’s been a really interesting weekend, y’all. a few weeks ago i was asked if i was interested in being interviewed by a filmmaker, drew denny, and jd samson (of le tigre/men fame) who were working on a documentary about the loss of lesbian bars and the evolution of lesbian/queer spaces around the country. i […]

on michfest 2012.

as i sit down to try to write out a blog post (or two. or three!) on the sights and sounds of michfest 2012, i’m a little overwhelmed. i don’t really know where to start. i’ve spent the greater part of the last several days since i’ve been home from working short crew immersed in […]

michfest film line-up, finally!

many of you know, and i think i’ve mentioned before, that i am the curator (or programmer) of the film series that is shown annually at the michigan womyn’s music festival. i’ve been an assistant coordinator in the “one world” area – which is the combined workshop area and media tent/movies under the stars area […]

michfest 36 performance schedule!

i apologize in advance for this being a really long post. bear with me. so i started to work on this blog post the day the michfest performance schedule was released, back at the beginning of march. i got most of the way through it, but not completely done (it’s a lot of links!)… and […]