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new tshirt design…

this has been a long time coming. i came up with the slogan “last night a brass band saved my life” years ago, when making some art for a jazz fest themed art show i used to participate in every year at a friend’s house. (she lives over in the area of the fairgrounds and […]

new year, hopefully more blogging.

oh it’s been over a year and a few months since i last wrote in this blog. i’m not really sure why i even keep it around, except that every great once in a while, i have a thought that i feel like expounding on and i’d like a place to do it. and, well, […]

lend a hand…

ok lemme preface all this by saying, as they say themselves in the above video, there are many other more pressing and socially-conscious ways to donate some of your hard earned cash to a good cause. for sure. but since this here blog is about things that make me happy and move me, i’m choosing […]