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rising tide conference, part 3

this will likely be the last post i make about the rising tide conference that is quickly approaching next weekend, though perhaps i will do a post-event wrap-up. but there’s just a few more things i want to say on this subject. #1 – if you haven’t read my previous two posts, please do so. […]

but wait, there’s more…

…about rising tide. this post is basically an addendum to the last post, which gave an overview of the rising tide conference i’m involved in organizing this year. these last few weeks before the conference – it’s on august 27th, katrinaversary weekend, so coming up real soon – are very exciting, as we nail down […]

roadfood fest

this is just a quick update to say that yesterday i went to the new orleans road food festival with fae and dix and we had a really great time eating our way up and down royal street. (maybe too good of a time, as i, for one, had a stomach ache by the end […]