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past and present lives…

it’s been a really interesting weekend, y’all. a few weeks ago i was asked if i was interested in being interviewed by a filmmaker, drew denny, and jd samson (of le tigre/men fame) who were working on a documentary about the loss of lesbian bars and the evolution of lesbian/queer spaces around the country. i […]

new year, hopefully more blogging.

oh it’s been over a year and a few months since i last wrote in this blog. i’m not really sure why i even keep it around, except that every great once in a while, i have a thought that i feel like expounding on and i’d like a place to do it. and, well, […]

on michfest 2012.

as i sit down to try to write out a blog post (or two. or three!) on the sights and sounds of michfest 2012, i’m a little overwhelmed. i don’t really know where to start. i’ve spent the greater part of the last several days since i’ve been home from working short crew immersed in […]

so long, poly…

“Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think oh bondage up yours!” another mother of the riot grrl movement is gone. i’m sad to pass on the news that feminist punk iconoclast poly styrene of the x-ray spex has died. she had been battling breast cancer, even as she’d […]


i’m talking about the band, men. the decidedly feminist, queer band, men. i love them. well, i love jd samson, previously known from her time in le tigre. currently known as a talented dj/remixer and girlfriend of sia. and, well, band leader of men. i don’t even know who the other two members are. (ok, […]