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it’s been a minute.

um, hello world. it’s been 7 months since i wrote here last. damn. that’s a long time! since then, all kinds of things have happened. i successfully recuperated from my hysterectomy, seemingly without any physical complication. i lost many of my dog-walking clients during my post-surgical downtime (6 weeks!), but then pretty quickly managed to […]

and on to the next thing…

well, now that rising tide and the katrinaversary are over (and by the way, all the webcast videos from rising tide are now up on the site), things have calmed down a bit. yes, we had a little excitement with tropical storm lee here this labor day weekend, but the only real result of it […]

life with dogs

i know it must seem like this blog is turning into nothing more than a music blog, but that is not my intent. it’s just that i’m sort of rediscovering my love and interest in music these days, now that i’m not actually writing professionally about music for any publication for the first time in […]