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new tshirt design…

this has been a long time coming. i came up with the slogan “last night a brass band saved my life” years ago, when making some art for a jazz fest themed art show i used to participate in every year at a friend’s house. (she lives over in the area of the fairgrounds and […]

men + big freedia

yes, the irony is not lost on me that the biggest tag in my tag cloud is “men.” but well, by now you know that i’m talking about the awesome electronic band that contains jd samson (formerly of le tigre). if you read my blog frequently, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about them. […]

not feelin’ it, gaga

it’s never a good sign when you are a multi-million-dollar superstar and your record label feels the need to absolutely plaster cyberspace and therefore the world with free downloads of your newest single. i mean, if you’re such a big star and the people clammer for your music so much, why give it all away […]