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occupy your life

yes, yes, i know, i haven’t written here since last may. of 2015. i’m a horrible blogger. (i blame facebook. which is why, as i write this, i am embarking on a facebook fast for a few weeks, to see if i can reclaim some of my lost time from the mother of all timesucks.) the […]

new year, hopefully more blogging.

oh it’s been over a year and a few months since i last wrote in this blog. i’m not really sure why i even keep it around, except that every great once in a while, i have a thought that i feel like expounding on and i’d like a place to do it. and, well, […]

rising tide 7 is this coming weekend!

if you’ve been wondering what the hell this rising tide thing is that i keep tweeting and facebooking about incessantly, lemme try to explain – at least how i understand and have experienced it. (official rising tide history page here.) as those who lived through it will remember, in the days and weeks and months […]

it’s been a minute.

um, hello world. it’s been 7 months since i wrote here last. damn. that’s a long time! since then, all kinds of things have happened. i successfully recuperated from my hysterectomy, seemingly without any physical complication. i lost many of my dog-walking clients during my post-surgical downtime (6 weeks!), but then pretty quickly managed to […]

so much time on my hands…

i guess it really is true that social networking sites like twitter, facebook and google+ really have taken the steam out of my blogging impulses. it’s just so much easier and faster to condense my thoughts into short little quips that can be quickly posted out to different networks of friends and associates, rather than […]

rising tide conference, part 3

this will likely be the last post i make about the rising tide conference that is quickly approaching next weekend, though perhaps i will do a post-event wrap-up. but there’s just a few more things i want to say on this subject. #1 – if you haven’t read my previous two posts, please do so. […]

rising tide

this post will probably be redundant to a lot of folks who actually know me in real life, as most of you probably know i am involved this year with organizing the rising tide conference here in new orleans and will know much of what i’m about to say. but in case you don’t – […]