quick scooter addendum/update

lucky bitches! my new scoot, my old scoot (now dix's scoot), and julie's new-to-her scoot.

yes, i know it’s been a while since i wrote that “review” of my new scooter, back in mid-april. and here we are with june knocking on the door.

since then i have put 1500+ miles on the new scoot! that’s what’ll happen when you use a vehicle for your mobile dog walking business AND your personal vehicle, though honestly, most of them are work miles. 30-40/day, sometimes more if i’m dog-sitting somewhere crosstown. (which i’ve been doing quite a bit of lately.) but she is still going strong. no problems so far with her (knock on wood). about ready to go in for an oil change and a once-over by the guys at f/x. and she still doesn’t have a name; nothing has struck me yet.

but here’s a few added thoughts after riding her full-time for over a month:

my posture is so very different on this scooter than the old one. not sure it’s better or worse; just more upright. and the reason i know this is because after riding it for a few weeks, i started noticing all my core muscles (particularly those in my lower abdomen, around my surgery area), were really sore. it’s better now as i am getting used to it, but it was a weird sensation. also, i had the occasion to ride the old scooter one last time back from the shop before turning it over to my pal dix, her new owner, and i was astounded at how hard it was for me to ride the old scooter having gotten used to the new one already. the old one is just so much lower to the ground; on the new one, i feel tall!

i figured out the turn signal thing. it took my friend julie showing me on her new-to-her yamaha vino that the switch can be pushed in to turn it off. i had no idea. i felt like such an idiot! and i actually DID read the owner’s manual yet somehow missed that. my old scoot only had a left-right switch with a middle off position. but the new scoot’s turn signal switch is really weird – i think honda could have designed this better, more intuitively – and i just didn’t realize you could push the damned thing in to turn off the signal. so now it is much better. though i still kinda hate it.

last weekend, i rode a passenger for the first time, and wow, that was harder than i thought it was gonna be! i guess i will just need to practice that more. i still don’t have a second helmet (my passenger wore julie’s extra helmet), so it won’t be a regular thing, but i need to learn how to balance myself and my passenger a little better before i’d want to drive very far like that. it was a little scary. i didn’t realize how much muscle would be involved in trying to maintain balance. also, might have been a little easier without the basket on the back so the passenger had a little more seat room.

i think i might break down and buy a topcase. i attached my old basket to the back rack via zipties (even going so far as to get stainless steel zipties, thinking they would be more heavy duty), but the rack on the back of my scooter is made of aluminum or some such metal and is oddly shaped, so even the steel zipties have been coming loose and busting. it’s still on there currently but i worry if i put something heavy back there they will all just bust and i will lose my cargo. so next time i’m feeling flush, a topcase is high on my list.

though, the enormous underseat storage really is almost enough for most grocery runs. i am not usually a big grocery run kinda gal – i can’t think that far ahead and prefer to go to the store every day or other day to get the few things i most need – so i’ve rarely even used the basket since i put it on there. so i dunno. maybe i don’t even need to have anything back there. as mentioned above, it would make passenger seating a little easier, for sure, as the basket does cramp the space a little.

and lastly, though i know this will be no surprise to anyone: i sure do like going fast. i’ve only managed to go 50+ a few times – it’s hard to have the opportunity on most city streets – but the few times i have, it’s been really fun! yay for being able to now. i think i have decided, though, that 35-40 really is the optimal speed for a scooter that size.

ok. i think that’s it for now about the scooter. until i come up with a name, at which time i will update you with that earth-shattering news. thanks for indulging me.

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