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poster by john fitzgerald. a gift from my dear friend dix, who knew i needed this.

poster by john fitzgerald. a gift from my dear friend dix, who knew i needed this.

yes, yes, i know, i haven’t written here since last may. of 2015. i’m a horrible blogger.

(i blame facebook. which is why, as i write this, i am embarking on a facebook fast for a few weeks, to see if i can reclaim some of my lost time from the mother of all timesucks.)

the other thing i hope to do with my formerly-facebook time is make art. this is all tied into my 2016 resolution to get back to my creative life and take charge of the life i lead. you may have seen me post about my patreon campaign on facebook or other social media or my art or pet biz blogs… but let me put that link right here in front of you once again:


so far, i’m off to a good start, with over $100 in monthly pledges within the first month of the campaign being live. i have 14 patrons who are paying anywhere between $1 and $25 a month to support my effort to change my life and schedule to get back to the business of making art. i’m super grateful and yet i still have a long ways to go.

the original goal of doing the patreon campaign was to get enough to support to help defray the cost of cutting my schedule back from full time to part time, in order to have afternoons off to work on art… to have more of a chunk of time to sink into projects, gather supplies, and just think and create. tune in to my muse. that ultimate goal is around $750 a month, which would cover cutting my afternoon daily clients. i’m nowhere near that goal yet, and yet i’m feeling the urgency to just go ahead and change my schedule anyways. it’s almost spring here in new orleans, festival season is just around the corner, and i feel all the ideas and inspiration swirling around in my head. so i want to be able to capitalize on it.

so. sometime in march, i will be going ahead and condensing my schedule. i’m not sure what that’s going to look like yet as i have to talk to my clients to work out what’s best for everyone. but i hope within a month’s time to have a few more hours in the afternoon each day to come home and treat creating like a second job and see what happens when i do.

if you’d like to support me in that effort, even $1/month is a helpful vote of confidence on my journey. and if you pledge a little more, there are rewards! like stickers and tiny art and tshirts and whatever else i come up with down the line! you will get those monthly for free! (think of it as pre-ordering!)

thanks for reading and putting up with my endless shameless plugs. and thanks to all who have supported my creative endeavors over the course of my life. i feel like the best is yet to come.

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  • Erik Vollendorf  On February 27, 2016 at 8:06 am

    We all could do better with less Facebook, Mags. Hopefully, we all can get to those other things that inspire us to be creative.

  • mags  On February 27, 2016 at 8:57 am

    thanks erik!

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