i’m talking about the band, men. the decidedly feminist, queer band, men.

i love them. well, i love jd samson, previously known from her time in le tigre. currently known as a talented dj/remixer and girlfriend of sia. and, well, band leader of men. i don’t even know who the other two members are. (ok, they are michael o’neill and ginger brooks takahashi.) but i don’t care. it’s all about jd.

as uninterested as i am in lady gaga’s new anthem “born this way,” i am equally and conversely elated by men’s “who am i to feel so free,” the latest single off their debut disc talk about body, which was just released on february 1st.

here’s the video: (stick with it til the end.)

but the most exciting news is that there’s a new version of the song with antony hegarty of antony and the johnsons singing lead!! i love antony, and i adore his voice. it is so unique, so expressive, so emotive. i first became aware of antony’s voice way back in the day on some house club remix, the name of which now escapes me. but i’ve been in love ever since. here’s a link to the track. (it’s a youtube link but just a static image on the video to go with the audio.)

THIS is the song that should be lauded as the new queer anthem, dammit. read the lyrics. (“who am i” is at the bottom of the page.)

pretty powerful stuff.

(check out some of the other videos by men available on youtube or via their site.)

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