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sunday morning thoughts

some weekends, i really wish i hadn’t taken on a pet sit. it is a very rare occasion since i began this business that i get a weekend day – any day, really – that i can “sleep in,” whatever that means. when i can have that feeling of total relaxation, that i don’t have […]

what a difference a week makes…

wow, it’s been a crazy busy week for wags by mags!, my new dog-walking and pet-sitting biz. and so far, it’s been all about the dogs. no cats, yet. i do hope that changes. cuz anyone who knows me knows i love cats. i am nothing if not a big human feline! (i am a […]

life with dogs

i know it must seem like this blog is turning into nothing more than a music blog, but that is not my intent. it’s just that i’m sort of rediscovering my love and interest in music these days, now that i’m not actually writing professionally about music for any publication for the first time in […]