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new tshirt design…

this has been a long time coming. i came up with the slogan “last night a brass band saved my life” years ago, when making some art for a jazz fest themed art show i used to participate in every year at a friend’s house. (she lives over in the area of the fairgrounds and […]

on michfest 2012.

as i sit down to try to write out a blog post (or two. or three!) on the sights and sounds of michfest 2012, i’m a little overwhelmed. i don’t really know where to start. i’ve spent the greater part of the last several days since i’ve been home from working short crew immersed in […]

so much time on my hands…

i guess it really is true that social networking sites like twitter, facebook and google+ really have taken the steam out of my blogging impulses. it’s just so much easier and faster to condense my thoughts into short little quips that can be quickly posted out to different networks of friends and associates, rather than […]

rising tide conference, part 3

this will likely be the last post i make about the rising tide conference that is quickly approaching next weekend, though perhaps i will do a post-event wrap-up. but there’s just a few more things i want to say on this subject. #1 – if you haven’t read my previous two posts, please do so. […]

but wait, there’s more…

…about rising tide. this post is basically an addendum to the last post, which gave an overview of the rising tide conference i’m involved in organizing this year. these last few weeks before the conference – it’s on august 27th, katrinaversary weekend, so coming up real soon – are very exciting, as we nail down […]

rising tide

this post will probably be redundant to a lot of folks who actually know me in real life, as most of you probably know i am involved this year with organizing the rising tide conference here in new orleans and will know much of what i’m about to say. but in case you don’t – […]

so long, poly…

“Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think oh bondage up yours!” another mother of the riot grrl movement is gone. i’m sad to pass on the news that feminist punk iconoclast poly styrene of the x-ray spex has died. she had been battling breast cancer, even as she’d […]

love machine.

ok, this is just a quickie post to share this super fun new video from queer hip-hop duo god-dess & she. it’s the latest single from their current album three. i have long been a fan of theirs – in fact i wrote one of the first profiles on them for curve magazine a zillion […]

men + big freedia

yes, the irony is not lost on me that the biggest tag in my tag cloud is “men.” but well, by now you know that i’m talking about the awesome electronic band that contains jd samson (formerly of le tigre). if you read my blog frequently, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about them. […]

michfest 36 performance schedule!

i apologize in advance for this being a really long post. bear with me. so i started to work on this blog post the day the michfest performance schedule was released, back at the beginning of march. i got most of the way through it, but not completely done (it’s a lot of links!)… and […]