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tripping down memory lane…

on friday night, i went to zeitgeist to see the documentary united in anger: a history of act up┬áby jim hubbard. the film is largely an archival repository of video of various meetings, actions and demonstrations from the original new york chapter, as well as scores of interviews with many former members – a large […]

on michfest 2012.

as i sit down to try to write out a blog post (or two. or three!) on the sights and sounds of michfest 2012, i’m a little overwhelmed. i don’t really know where to start. i’ve spent the greater part of the last several days since i’ve been home from working short crew immersed in […]

michfest film line-up, finally!

many of you know, and i think i’ve mentioned before, that i am the curator (or programmer) of the film series that is shown annually at the michigan womyn’s music festival. i’ve been an assistant coordinator in the “one world” area – which is the combined workshop area and media tent/movies under the stars area […]

michfest 36 performance schedule!

i apologize in advance for this being a really long post. bear with me. so i started to work on this blog post the day the michfest performance schedule was released, back at the beginning of march. i got most of the way through it, but not completely done (it’s a lot of links!)… and […]

call for film submissions

i love movies. i love the big screen experience. i love the suspension of reality, the losing of oneself in the darkness to the story and characters in front of you on the screen. i love that it both clears my mind and simultaneously gives me so much to think about. but i’ve never really […]