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my timesuck

are you one of those people for whom facebook – or maybe it’s twitter or instagram or pinterest or some other social media or app – is a timesuck? to the degree that it is getting problematic? do you log in and find yourself endlessly scrolling? do you lose hours on your computer, tablet or […]

occupy your life

yes, yes, i know, i haven’t written here since last may. of 2015. i’m a horrible blogger. (i blame facebook. which is why, as i write this, i am embarking on a facebook fast for a few weeks, to see if i can reclaim some of my lost time from the mother of all timesucks.) the […]

new tshirt design…

this has been a long time coming. i came up with the slogan “last night a brass band saved my life” years ago, when making some art for a jazz fest themed art show i used to participate in every year at a friend’s house. (she lives over in the area of the fairgrounds and […]

updates: scooters + men

ok, just a few updates here. first, yes, i did make it out to the big easy weekender meet-n-greet on friday night with the new orleans scooter girls. (see above.) i had a lot of fun! nosg first had dinner at mona’s together, and then we all dressed our scooters in special nosg leg-shield banners […]